Local lips sealed on spoilers – S2 ‘Bloodline’ drops today - A group of sheep eating grass in a body of water - Plant community
The crew of the Netflix series “Bloodline” filmed scenes next to a closed landfill at the Long Key Transfer Station, on Feb. 11, 2016. CAMMY CLARK

By Gabriel Sanchez

Netflix’s original series “Bloodline” returns to screens Friday, May 27 for its second season. In case you’ve been living under a rock, Bloodline follows an affluent Florida Keys family, the Rayburns, as they struggle to cope with the murderous secret they hold. The first season ended with a cliffhanger, and despite the Weekly’s best efforts to pry some details from locals serving as extras during the filming of the second, we learned nothing.

Locals will be tuning in to learn what happens, but also for the thrill of seeing their favorite places on the small screen.

“A big reason I watch the show is that it’s filmed at a lot of the places I visit, which make it more entertaining,” said Martin Shepard who hangs out at the Whistle Stop, a locale featured frequently in the series. “I also thought it was nice of the cast to go out in town when they weren’t working and interact with people. It was pretty cool to see John Leguizamo just hanging out with the locals. They made the community feel like they were grateful for having them as guests.”

Chelsey Stewart, of Marathon’s Chamber of Commerce, was one of the fortunate few selected as an extra for the show she says she loves. “It was a little surreal to be on set at the Rayburn house. The attention to detail put into one day of filming surprised me the most. I have a new respect for the film industry, the production’s focus on lighting and sound quality were extensive.”

“The cinematography of the show is breathtaking and does a good job portraying the Keys beautifully,” said Bobby Highsmith, School Board District 1 member, who also was an extra. He said it was a unique and enjoyable experience. “The work environment was professional and the cast and production crew were very gracious. It’s been good for the local economy as well, we are very pleased to have them.”

Still, none of the locals are talking. “I have no idea if Danny is dead,” said Highsmith.

“I have no clue what may happen, I just know it looks intense,” laughed Stewart.  

It seems the locals are as good at keeping secrets as the Rayburns, but we’ll just have to see about that.

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