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Most modeling careers are launched earlier in life, but for Danny Hughes, the local restaurant owner of Two Friends Patio — 60 seemed like the perfect time to give the industry a shot.

For Hughes, who loves Chubbies brand shorts and apparel, his modeling opportunity literally arrived in a box. Within a recent (and routine) order from his favorite ecommerce clothing company, a call-out from Chubbies invited any and all potential male models to compete for “Chubbies 2019 Man Model Contest.”

“My wife, Maura, ordered the package for me back in April,” said Hughes. “She handed me the submission form for the contest, and I forgot about it until I found it days later in my briefcase. I thought ‘what the hell’ and submitted it on the last day of eligibility.”

Hughes claims he never expected to win and the entire thing was “to do what I always do and have fun.” But several days later, Chubbies reached out to him and said he had been chosen in the top 100 contenders out of 12,000 submissions.

“The entire thing was done on a lark,” said Hughes. “But once I made the top 100 I really started having fun with the entire thing. I had to submit a video and three pictures of myself and I still didn’t think I would move into the final round.”

But Hughes did. A week later, Chubbies informed him that he was in the final field of 20 models, competing for 10 spots with an online voting contest — placing Hughes right in the middle of his marketing and PR wheelhouse.

“We went all out,” said Hughes. “I had friends, family, locals and people all across the country campaigning for me on social media. The idea was to bring the Chubbies crown to Key West, and I think people really got behind the idea.”

In fact, close to 15,000 voters got behind Hughes, who was the leading candidate in the field of 20. And of the 10 models selected, the closest to Hughes still trailed by more than 4,000 votes.

“Mr. Danny Hughes jumped out as an immediate front-runner because of his badass lifestyle and unbridled confidence,” said Mason Robinson, director of brand content at Chubbies. “Mega-thanks to Mr. Hughes, all of the 2019 winners, and everyone out there who takes the time to keep the shorts revolution alive and well.”

The next step for Hughes is a two-year modeling contract at Chubbies that includes travel and adventures to various photo shoots. And according to Robinson, the gig also “includes a lifetime supply of shorts and bragging rights.”

“If you know Danny, he just fits the outgoing and carefree vibe that Chubbies has created with their brand,” said wife Maura Hughes — who Danny credits for just about any and all things. “I just wanted to see him go on trips and shoots with nine other like-minded guys. My god, can you imagine nine more guys like him all hanging out?”

Yet for two years, Hughes will be one of the faces of a major clothing line across the globe — joined by nine other male models who likely accepted the job for similar reasons.

“In our perpetual quest to shake up the world of traditional male modeling, Chubbies sought to track down 10 of the world’s most righteous dudes,” said Robinson. “And we emerged with an incredible crop of radical hombres. Skys Out, Thighs Out!”

Note: Hughes would like to thank his wife Maura, his family that includes his Two Friends family, Father John Baker, his friends across the globe and his Key West family for all of the support.

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