Chase Taylor, right, embraces his mother Sherrie Taylor following graduation at Coast Guard Training Center Cape May. CONTRIBUTED.

Chase Taylor has always been a fan of serving others around him. With a new career in the United States Coast Guard, he’ll do that in more ways than one.

A 2021 graduate of Marathon High School, Taylor completed an eight-week boot camp in company Z201 at the Coast Guard Training Center Cape May on May 6. Within a week, he’ll ship out to Petaluma, California for a 14-week training course to become a Culinary Specialist.

Chase is no stranger to the culinary or public service fields, traveling throughout Florida during his high school career for culinary competitions with MHS’ Chef Flavor and spending nearly 250 hours per year as an Explorer cadet with the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office.

“He’s always been about the service of others and dedicated to being there for them,” said his mother, Sherrie Taylor.

Though Chase’s training will take him across the country, the eventual goal will always be to return to the weather and the waters he knows best.

“We always knew he wanted to be back in the Keys,” said Sherrie. “That’s exactly what he’s aiming for. … He’s definitely a hometown boy, and he’s gone through this so that he can come back down here to serve.”

Chase credits his family as well as company commanders SK2 Midgett, DC2 Barnes and MK2 Pacheco for supporting him and helping him adjust to the expectations and lifestyle of a Coast Guardsman.

Congratulations, Chase. You’ve already made your hometown proud.