The best part of being a veterinarian is saving animals’ lives. There was a cat brought in that was hit by a car, had a crushed jaw and its sinus split. Most clinics would have euthanatized her but I knew she could be saved. Now Ping is going to be returned to her owner tomorrow,” said All Animal Clinic owner Dr. Lisa Bramson.

Bramson and her staff often go the extra mile, even as far as fostering and re-homing unwanted pets. Most recently she rehabilitated a Chihuahua, “Cookie,” whose owners wanted to put her to sleep for peeing in the house. She discovered the dog was a diabetic and requires two insulin shots a day. She said it wasn’t a hard decision to save the pooch. (By the way, the dog is 12 and looking for a good home!)

Victoria Madeya has been a loyal client with her Pugs for more than a decade and refuses to go to any other animal clinic.

“The veterinarians here are really compassionate about animals so I trust them and know they will provide the treatment necessary and are not just looking to give me a bill,” Madeya said.

All Animal Clinic works closely with the non-profits — SPCA, Xena Fund and Friends of Animals — to care for those pets in need and also offers 24-hour care for its customers. They are also the only clinic in the Keys certified by the American Animal Hospital Association for both small animal practice and referral practice. Ophthalmology, oncology, cardiology, surgery and radiology specialists are at the clinic regularly for all types of animal care.

The clinic features top-of-the-line diagnostic tools. (The new X-ray machine came with a price tage of about $90,000.)  In the operating room, the vet and techs can monitor an animal’s blood pressure, oxygen concentration, heart rate and ECG on a large HDTV suspended above the operating table. Having the right equipment is important, Bramson said, and one she appreciates because of a sad experience early in her career.

“A vet clinic where I was working had very old equipment. I was spaying a puppy and it died during the anesthesia,” Bramson said. “Now I make sure that never will happen again.”

All Animal Clinic serves up to 50 patients a day and one or two of them are usually new customers. Stop by their location on Stock Island behind the Burger King.




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