Glunz Ocean Beach Hotel & Resort has purchased the Tortuga Beach Club from CJL Capital, LLC out of Miami on Wednesday. This acquisition provides an additional eight villas — all with three bedrooms and three bathrooms — to join the existing renovated oceanfront hotel next door that has 16 suites and 22 hotel rooms, the Cabana Breezes restaurant, and five adjacent suites. The closing on this property will merge together the original parcel and provide an additional pool and 200 feet of beach.

“Years ago, all three properties were owned by the same family and that is true again now,” said Janet Bischoff, one of the Glunz family’s new owners. “This has been a dream for us since 2009. And it’s moved pretty quickly. We closed on Cabana Breezes in January of this year, and here it is not even a year later, and we are able to add these eight units.”

Each unit is about 2,300 square feet. The bottom floor is an enclosed, two-car garage. The first floor features the living and kitchen areas plus a guest bedroom. The third floor features two more rooms, including the master bedroom with a private balcony facing the ocean. Two of the units will be retrofitted with elevators to serve the aging population.

“We are thrilled at this new acquisition that will once again bring together the original three properties of Glunz Ocean Beach Hotel and Resort, Cabana Breezes, and now, the Glunz Ocean Beach Villas,” said Bischoff.

The Glunz family has been vacationing here at this facility for over 27 years and has adopted Key Colony Beach and the Marathon communities as their second home. “We believe in hospitality and go the extra mile to provide it; this new acquisition will enfold our philosophy and be able to provide a high level of hospitality to large families such as our own,” she said.

For more information about the Glunz Ocean Beach Villas or to make a reservation, please call 305-289-0525.

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