At the March 2 meeting of Marathon High School’s School Advisory Council (SAC) meeting, teachers and board members outlined a plan that affects graduating seniors. Yes, there will be prom. 

“Right now, our intention is to hold a luau-style prom in the courtyard at Marathon High School,” said MHS Principal Wendy McPherson. “It’s my understanding that the other schools — Coral Shores High School and Key West High School — will also be having prom in their courtyards.”

Marathon’s prom is scheduled for Saturday, May 1.

And while MHS will be celebrating homecoming at the end of March, delayed from its typical scheduling in the fall, there will be no dance. There will be a homecoming court crowning, however, at the April 2 baseball game. Homecoming spirit week is from March 20-April 2, with each day of the week devoted to a different theme with students encouraged to dress up. 

As in 2020, there will be no final exams for seniors. 

The plans for Baccalaureate, class night and capping ceremony and graduation are tentative, as they have yet to be approved by Monroe County School District Superintendent Terri Axford. 

“We have a good plan that we think the superintendent will approve, but it’s not final yet,” said McPherson. 

– May 23: MHS Baccalaureate at 7 p.m. on the athletic field. Students will be on the field and parents seated in the bleachers. 


– May 25: MHS class night and capping ceremony at 6 p.m. The tentative plan is to have students seated in the audience of the MHS auditorium and called up to the stage to receive awards presented by members of the community on class night. Parents will be invited to watch via video. The night will include pre-recorded footage of students being capped. The footage will be shot by appointment on May 20 and May 22.

– May 27: MHS graduation at 8 p.m. on the football field. Students will be at one end, and parents and guests (probably limited to five) will be in socially distanced circles on the other end of the field.

Other planned events for MHS seniors include a college and careers parade on May 19 at 3 p.m., where students drive decorated cars through the school parking lot; the cap and gown pickup on May 20, followed by the traditional stroll around Stanley Switlik Elementary School; and a family dinner drive-through at a local business where students can pose for socially distanced family photos.

“We’re getting really creative about celebrating our seniors,” said MHS teacher and senior class representative Dr. Christina Belotti.

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