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Scuderi: Stephanie Scuderi was recently promoted to market president with Centennial Bank. JIM McCARTHY/Keys Weekly

The summer has been quite busy for Stephanie Scuderi. Recently, she traveled with her parents and son to France. Scuderi says Ray is a World War II buff, so they walked the beach of Normandy. 

“It was quite an experience,” she says.

Now, Scuderi is getting in the groove with some new responsibilities as she was just recently promoted to Centennial Bank’s market president for Monroe County. Many say Scuderi’s very deserving of the promotion, not just for her the respect she’s garnered from the community, but also for her instrumental work in the bank’s growth. 

“I’m super excited. I’ve been working up and down the Keys for a long time,” Scuderi said. “I’ve had the luxury of lots of responsibly and the opportunity to work with everybody in the Keys. I’m ready to kick it up a notch and see what new challenges come.”

Outside of work, Scuderi gives back serving in various roles and capacities with boards, notably with the College of the Florida Keys trustee board, for which she chairs. 

She’s a dedicated worker, a dedicated community and a dedicated mother. And she knows how to have some fun — just look at who she’s dating and the performance the two put on during the Bubbas in Key West recently. 

Full name? Do you have a nickname?

Stephanie Susan Scuderi. I go by Scuderi.

You’re currently dating Monroe County’s top administrator…What kind of perks come with that?

You can only imagine. 

Thoughts on Roman’s silver dress and performance at the Bubba’s recently?

Well, he looked great from behind. 

What’s in store for Roman’s performance next year?

Again, I can only imagine. 

You’re quite involved with the community, serving on various boards and helping organizations? How do you do it all with a full-time job and being a mother?

Fortunately, the responsibility of my job put me in the community. Part of my job is being in the community and part of being great mother involves being in the community. In my Venn diagram of life, community is at the center of it. I’m fortunate to have everything else fall into place. 

What do you enjoy most about volunteering?

Seeing the progress and moving the community forward. 

Just how many boards are you on currently?

I’ve whittled it down to focus a lot with the college (College of the Florida Keys.) I chair the college trustee board. I’m on the college foundation board and I vice chair DAC in Islamorada. I also just finished my second Take Stock mentor program. I think over the course of 12 years, I’ve honed in on what is important to me: education and the economy. 

Your initial reaction when learning of your promotion?

Laughs… you got to be kidding me. 

Where can people find Stephanie on the weekend?

I wish they can find me on my new little boat. You’re more likely to find me behind the Centennial bank grill. 

What’s your go-to drink after a long day?

Everybody knows I’d be getting a kettle martini straight up with a twist. 

If you could have dinner with anyone, dead or alive, who would it be? 

I’d say my father’s mother. 

What’s your dream vacation look like?

A vacation that doesn’t involve a passport. 

Did you have a role model growing up, or someone you looked up to?

My parents and my grandfathers. 

You’re hitting the town with two friends for a crazy night… who are you bringing?

One of them is definitely Roman. You might as well just throw in Jason and Britt. 

Do you have a favorite hangout spot in the Keys?


Finish these sentence

If I had a superhero power, it would be… the power of invisibility. 

My coworkers at the bank would tell you that I… always forget my keys.

My guilty pleasure is…I can’t tell you that. 

The Florida Keys is… the best place I’ve ever called home. 

The world needs more… kindness. 

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