Penny, left, and Jasper were rescued from a Minnesota fur farm in July 2020. They’re living in Key Largo with owner Nicole Navarro. CONTRIBUTED

Hi friends! Reef the fox here with another weekly installment of “Reef’s Report.” I’m not sure how I could top last week’s interview with K9 Coral but here we go. So my human was away last week for a few days. I thought I would be cool with it, and be a big, tough  independent teenager.

Well, I sure was not. I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m a momma’s boy and I missed my mom. Our human grandma took care of us and that was OK. But I may or may not have torn some things up and peed on the brand new area rug in mom’s room to accurately display how upset I was. But my human is back now and all’s right with the world.

Two other foxes that live with us, Jasper and Penny, are getting a brand new enclosure at the end of the month. Mom was busy fundraising all of September and our friends and fox-lovers came through. Jasper and Penny were saved from a fur farm in July of last year and came to

live at Pawsitive Beginnings on July 17, 2020. Penny is in good shape. Jasper is another story. Jasper spent the longest time on the fur farm; he turned 5 this year with us. He has some bad arthritis and his brain doesn’t work so well so mom has to help him eat sometimes. Jasper has a personal veterinarian that comes to see him once a month and he gets laser acupuncture and massages. I mean, I’m happy for him, but can’t this foxy boy get a massage? 

Now for some really good news, before I get to local news. Kering, the luxury fashion house behind Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent, Alexander McQueen and Balenciaga, has banned the use of animal fur across all of its brands by fall of 2022. How amazing is that? Obviously, I take this personally because my friends and I were saved from fur farms, and if mom hadn’t given us a home, we might have been someone’s fur coat. So it was a good week, with this major announcement.

Now for some local fun! This Saturday, Oct. 2, and Sunday, Oct. 3, down at Islamorada Brewing & Distillery, is ROCKtoberfest. The party starts Saturday at 11 a.m. and ends Sunday at 9 p.m. There’s going to be Beerlympics, coconut painting, live music and lots of food. 

That’s all from your favorite fox this week! Remember you can find us at and you can always email me personally at for any fox-related questions you have.

Until next week, Reef, over and out!

Reef the Fox
Reef was born on a fur farm on or around March 28, 2021. He was able to be rescued when his mother and siblings started to reject him. Reef is missing toes on his front, right paw and the tip of his tail is missing due to injuries sustained in his short time on the fur farm. Reef arrived at Key Largo on May 6, 2021 by Nicole Navarro, of Pawsitive Beginnings Inc.