. Shaye Zakotnik and Jennifer Doughtery presented a lavish greeting for guests as they entered the spa. Incredible hors d'oeuvres, champagne and wine were served throughout the evening.

La Concha recently hosted the grand opening of Top Spa, the newest edition to the hotel’s ongoing line-up of cosmopolitan styled bars, urban eats and chic surroundings. The evening was paired with VIP tours of the spa suites and viewing balconies, which provided a spectacular view of the Southernmost City set against a perfect autumn sunset. For more information on Top Spa visit www.laconchakeywest.com.


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  1. I performed for “Sunset at the Top” for the better part of the last 15 years. After 7 GM’s and 17 Food and Beverage Directors, the one thing returning tourists and locals alike could count on was a great sunset celebration at the “Top”. Sadly, through all the regimes and personnel changes over the years, the vision was never there to bring the “Top” to it’s full potential. If half the funds of the new Spa we’re invested in the Bar and Banquet/Restaurant at the Top, it would have become one of the top (no pun intended) cocktail/culinary destination on the Island! The incredible view of the Island and incredible sunset experience second to NONE! ..

  2. We’ve stayed many times over the past number of years and have enjoyed our perk of beautiful rooftop sunsets,returning 3-14-16 and hearing we will loose our glorious sunset view during our stay is very disturbing (as a patron)

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