The team of Sarah Czimas (Marion Ravenwood), left, Doug Mayer (Indiana Jones) and Jeanine Mothner, (“the boulder”) are in high spirits before the start of the contest.

The word “petiole” was the winning word for the Iberia Bank “I-Spellers” at last weekend’s not-so-annual Habitat for Humanity Spelling Bee. It was an epic battle between three team — the bank team, the IndiEdwards Jones & The Raiders of the Spellilng Bee and Three Bees Buzzin’ lasting close to 20 rounds. The event raised $7,000 with the generous support of event partner Fishermen’s Community Hospital as well as Lazy Days South and Centennial Bank. The proceeds will go to finish two homes currently under construction on 64th Street.

— Weekly Staff Report

LYNN RITLI/Keys Weekly

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