To the editor:

The horror and absolute brutality endured by members of our armed forces on battlefields over the course of our nation’s history causes one to shutter. 

Acknowledging the deep penetrating wounds endured by those combatants does not require approval or agreement with the cause behind their actions. We know instances throughout history where, if these warriors chose not to effectively engage the enemy and set aside their oaths of allegiance to God and Country, our homeland would be under despotic rule. They didn’t give in to their fears nor seek to malinger and escape their duties. They chose to face the dangerous fates that awaited them.

Protesting and the right to air one’s grievances are the bedrock upon which our nation was founded. However, disabled soldiers at airports or the caskets containing our returning war dead seems to be a bit over the top.

In many of our institutions, patriotism and love for one’s country have become passé, seeming to have been replaced by an attitude and ideology which all too often reframe and exclusively focus on America’s imperfections, transgressions and errors in judgment. Ironically, the very same people hell-bent on making these negative declarations are imperfect themselves. They’re riddled with their own brand of flaws, errors and misjudgments. Something like the “pot calling the kettle black.” Or, “cast out first the beam from thine own eye.” Hypocrites are unattractive.    

Things can begin to change this year. We’ll have an opportunity to gather together and honor the sacrifices made by those members of our armed forces killed in action.

Please join the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 10211, in partnership with our county’s Administrator Roman Gastesi, Veterans Affairs Director Cathy Crane and State Attorney/VFW Commander Dennis Ward; for a Memorial Day ceremony inside the Murray Nelson Government Center auditorium. The ceremony will start promptly at 11 a.m.

John Donnelly, 
MS, VFW Post 10211 trustee, United States Marine and Purple Heart recipient

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