Throwback reappears in modern fashion with flair

The resurrection of ’70s inspired fashion in 2015 brought on a surge of patchwork patterns, flared pants, and colored suede with the most coveted looks incorporating fringe. From chunky, oversized fringe dangling from sweaters and winter coats to delicate fringe details adorning necklaces and evening wear, the runways for spring and fall were covered with fringe and this swinging trend isn’t going away fast. Below are a few tips on how to wear fringe in a modern way.

  •  Fringe skirts and dresses: Skirts and dresses are no exception to the fringe trend with styles incorporating statement, full-on fringe reminiscent of the roaring ’20s or a sophisticated look with just a touch of fringe along the hem. To embrace this trend, choose a length and style appropriate for the occasion. Knee length or midi length skirts and dresses in colors such as black or metallic are going to look more sophisticated for a wedding or formal event. Whereas a miniskirt or shorts with fringe details in bright hues could be worn for day or night in a more informal capacity. You can also pair a swaying fringe skirt with a button down denim shirt or tank for a more laid-back feel. To draw additional attention to your lower half, pair a fringe hemline with standout heels.
  • Fringe Details: This season’s statement trend also is great on tops, jackets and vests. A touch of fringe adorning the back of a blouse or around the front neckline are the perfect bold statement when worn while shopping with your girlfriends or when attending brunch. Although most jackets will be too hot for our warm Florida Keys weather, a fringe vest is lightweight and great for layering over a shirt and shorts. The key is to keep it simple by wearing only one statement piece at a time and then styling the rest of your outfit around it.
  • Fringed Accessories: Not quite ready to embrace a full-on fringe outfit? Try a handbag, shoes, or necklace with fringe details or opt for something with a tassel embellishment for a more subdued look. A tassel or fringe necklace is a great way to add color to your wardrobe as many of these fun neckpieces incorporate bright hues and bold patterns. Tassels are a classic, artsy embellishment. A metal necklace with fringe detail offers movement to direct the eye while still remaining chic.

If, like me, your craving for fringe has become unquenchable, spring is the perfect time of year to add more of this fun element of surprise to your wardrobe. It’s actually quite amazing that a trend could feel this sophisticated and still be this fun to wear. (Just wait until you try dancing; it may make you wish you had been born in another decade!)

Leah Maki is a fashion-obsessed style Keys blogger, formerly from Minnesota. Her current infatuations include statement pieces, dramatic heels, red lipstick and vintage costume jewelry. Visit for more of her musings.

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