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Whether you are spending this July 4 on the water, devouring a juicy burger with friends or lounging by the pool; odds are you will take in at least one patriotic themed movie over the weekend.  The elements of independence, freedom and war have been the inspiration for hundreds of Hollywood films that are by turns inspiration, controversial or emotional.  With this in mind, the Keys Weekly took to the streets and asked…

If you could only watch one patriotic movie over the holiday, which would it be?

Sam Hernandez’s favorite patriotic film is one most people would not typically put in that category.

“My favorite patriotic film is “To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything! Julile Newmar.” It is patriotic because it shows that anything can happen in America,” said Hernandez, adding he appreciates the U.S.A.’s acceptance of drag queens unlike other parts of the world. “

The ’90s produced several patriotic movies including “Saving Private Ryan” and “A Few Good Men.” Angie Pierson picked one that was a little more sci-fi, but still patriotic.

“’Independence Day’ is my favorite patriotic film. I like the story behind it, it is still centered on July 4 and aliens are cool,” said Pierson.

Pirate Ned likes a more traditional film that demonstrates patriotism.

“’The Patriot’ sticks out as my favorite patriotic film,” said Ned. “It is the story of a warrior who experienced war, came home to be a family man and served duty when he was called upon again. It shows what those who serve have to go through.”

The Pigeon Key Foundation’s Program Coordinator Jason Kicinski cited “We Were Soldiers” as his pick. The film is based on a novel written by Lieutenant General (Ret.) Hal Moore and reporter Joseph L. Galloway, both of whom were at the battle. “Its just a true vision of what war would be,” he said. “Down, dirty and serious.”

Nicole Irwin of Marathon chose “Forrest Gump” as her favorite patriotic film for the movie’s inspirational themes. The film follows a man as he becomes an unwilling participant in many significant American events and his symbolic run across America has become an inspiration for thousands of real people.

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