Last year he blew everyone away, Key West audiences said it was the funniest show of the year. Comedian Jim Breuer is back at the Key West Theater, Friday March 16 for two shows. His rise to fame started with Saturday Night Live back in the ’90s, his infamous “Goat Boy” and Joe Pesci impersonations eventually helped boost his status on Comedy Central’s “100 Greatest Stand-Ups of All Time.” Then the movie “Half Baked” with Dave Chappelle, which is still popular today, cemented his cult following. He is still in the spotlight, appearing recently on CBS’s “Kevin Can Wait” and on stage as a musician with his longtime backing band, The Loud & Rowdy.

But Breuer is a family man, baseball lover, a down-to-earth kind of guy, who’s pleased to say he’s been “F-word free for 10 years and counting.” He won’t talk politics but life, in a gut-wrenching, hilarious way. “My huge focus is, ‘listen, stop getting caught up in the hoopla, the news, politics and all that jazz,’” he says. “I’m here to say that life isn’t that horrendous. Can you still eat? Can you still watch your 60-inch plasma TV? Call me when you have to eat a squirrel for breakfast, okay?”


Full Name? James Breuer

Worst nickname? You will never know my worst nickname 🙂

Do you have a life credo or motto? I’m a life motto person! I’ve never been about the credit due.

What makes you laugh? When it comes to making me laugh, it all depends on the situation.

5What’s some advice you tell young comedians? I like to encourage young comics to keep working on being themselves and stay in it for the right reasons.

Describe your show this year. My set will consist of relatable topics for everyone in that theatre.

Who would you love to have in your audience? I would love to have small family groups in the audience using my show for a night out together

Which tv, movie or superhero character is your alter ego? My alter ego would be the Invisible Man.  I feel like I’m him half the time already.

What is your nerdiest passion? My nerdiest passion would be watching the TV show “Below Deck”

What is your most treasured possession? Hands down my valued possession would be my wife along with my daughters.

If invisible what would you do? If I was invisible, I would be out stopping madness before it happened

On what occasion do you lie? I have no problem lying about sneaking food from the pantry late at night

Favorite guilty pleasure? My favorited guilty pleasure is pizza & mint chocolate chip ice cream!

In one word, sum up politics. Politics can be summed up EASILY with one word: manipulation!!!

What is your greatest achievement? My greatest achievement would be the time I’ve had with my family and friends. For some odd reason, we have forgotten how.

For lunch with one famous person, whom would you choose? Lunch can be very short , so in that case I would say Jack Nicholson

Finish these sentences.

My friends and family would describe me as …funny, good hearted, silly, passionate … or maybe that’s just me HOPING that’s what they’d say!

My autobiography would be titled … “HEY YOU !….It’s Never what you think it is.”

I can never refuse … a great time with someone I’m comfortable to be around.

When I go, I will go … to my next assignment the gods & spirits have waiting for me!

Jim Breuer
The Key West Theater
Friday, March 16, 2018 7 and 10 p.m.

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