A 17 year old from Big Pine Key was airlifted to Miami after another teen stabbed him in the back Friday afternoon on Big Pine Key.

The incident took place in the parking lot of Walgreen’s drugstore at 4:40 p.m. Friday. Witnesses say the suspect, 19 year old Shane Richard, got off the bus from Marathon with a friend. The victim, 17 year old Craig Veitinger, was there and the two got into an altercation.

During the altercation, Richard pulled a knife from his pocket and stabbed Veitinger in the back. Richard then got into a yellow colored Ford Mustang with several other people and left the scene.

It was later determined the fight was over a woman Veitinger had been “messing around with”. A witness who was on the bus with the suspect said he and a friend had been talking on the bus about fighting Veitinger. She said the whole time he was talking about it, Richard had a knife in his hands, with the blade open.

Richard was located at a home on Rose Drive a short time later. He was taken into custody and charged with aggravated battery. Veitinger was transported to Fishermen’s Hospital where it was determined he had a punctured lung. He was airlifted to the Ryder Trauma Center in Miami for treatment of his injuries.

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  1. Shane Richard aka Cody. Cody’s girlfriend(15yr) the “messing around with” girl hit Craig in the face as a distraction, and Cody stabbed Craig in the back,the girl then beat Craig in the back while he was down saying he “cannot breath”, while the RN mother of the girl watched. The mother told kids around to get into her car, Craigs younger sister refused as she watch Craig bleeding on the ground (and called 911) while the girl(daughter), Cody, and friend of Cody got into her yellow ford mustang and left Craig to almost entirely bleed out. An RN LEFT THE SCENE. Air lifted, donor blood bags, punctured lung and nicked carotid artery later, Craig remains in Trauma ICU. How does an RN/mother leave a child who has just been stabbed on the ground?????????? She or the daughter have not been charged!!!! WHY isn’t anything being done MONROE COUNTY?

    • whoever this is Liz person is needs 2 get the story right,Cody has been avoiding confrontation with craig  Craig has a history of severe violent outbursts He has several charges of violent crimes and has been known as a person looking for fights Shane has never been in any trouble with the law and has witnessed Craig beat his own father up numerous times i dont know why everyone keeps saying shane(Cody)was on the bus 2 fight Craig…….that is not true at all in fact he asked me 2 drive him and his friend to Big pine on thursday afternoon because Tammy the mother of  his girlfriend called and asked him 2 please come help her move her belongings from her x boyfriends home saturday morning when she had police escort so he took the bus down on friday afternoon while on  the bus he started getting threat calls from craig saying ill b waiting 4 u I know your on the bus threatning 2 kill him so he called his father who lives in homestead freaking out he advised him 2 call Tammy his girlfriends mother so she would pick him up at another stop,Carlie craigs little sister was with Tammy and Tara  she called her brother telling him where they were n what bus stop he was gonna be at when cody stepped off the bus Tammy n tara tried surrounding him by wrapping their arms around him but craig pushed them down n began attacking him punching him from all direction cody was set up n i wish the sister carlie would tell the truth so we could get 2 the bottom of this im not on any side i just want people 2 know Cody was going down to big pine 2 help a woman move her things out of her x boyfriends boat as he was an abusive man and had beat her up,all cody was trying 2 do is help a battered woman……it seems no good deed goes unpunished/ 

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