¡Andale, Andale, Arriba! It’s almost Cinco de Mayo and the Mexican restaurants of the Upper Keys are prepping their tacos and tequila with much anticipation. No other locale is more excited for the celebration than Key Largo’s Señor Frijoles.

The day is loads of fun, said server Alejandra Portillo. “It’s really exciting because you’re rushing around all day. It gets full; we even have a line outside,” said Portillo. “We’ll have great specials on tacos and $5 margaritas, and in the past we’ve passed out shirts and hats for Cinco de Mayo.”

Every Cinco de Mayo-er should try to complete the Taco Trinity challenge: one taco, one enchilada, and one burrito. There’s no need to wonder if the taco trinity challenge is actually a real thing (it isn’t, we made it up) but here’s a hint: they go down easier with tequila.

An order of tacos comes as two flour tacos or three hard or soft corn tacos. Customers select the carne of their choice, with the option of ancho rubbed pulled pork, barbocoa beef brisket, chipotle chicken, and tomatillo ground beef.

Tacos are served “Mexican style,” with cabbage, house-made cotija cheese, red onions, sliced radishes and cilantro. Guests can also ask to have their tacos made “American” style with lettuce, tomato, and cheddar cheese.

Want seafood? The Dos Equis Lobster Tacos cram chunks of beer-battered lobster into flour tacos and cover them with cabbage, cotija cheese, cilantro, jalapenos and avocado cream. An order of tacos is accompanied with beans and Mexican rice.

Order three tacos and mix and match the proteins.

Next, it’s on to the crab and shrimp enchilada. Perfectly sautéed crabmeat and shrimp are topped with Monterey jack cheese, and a squeeze of lime before being rolled up in corn tortillas. The tortillas are drizzled with enchilada sauce and sprinkled with diced onions and cilantro.

For seafood lovers, the choice between the crab and shrimp enchiladas and lobster tacos is tough, but cook Salvador Islas said go for the Lobster tacos because of the creamy avocado cream spread.

“It’s made with pure avocado, salt and lime. The lobster tacos are good with a cold Corona,” said Islas.

Making it this far is commendable, but only the truly brave can complete the Taco Trinity with a Señor Frijoles Burrito Supreme. The behemoth of a burrito is filled with sour cream, cabbage, frijoles, and choice of pork, brisket, or chicken before being topped with ranchero sauce and cheddar cheese.

Congrats, muchacho, you’ve complete the taco trinity and have earned your title of Cinco de Mayo’s Head Honcho. Now go wash it all down with a cerveza and relax; your make-believe trophy is on the way.

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