Top 10 worst philanthropic causes this holiday season - A man wearing a red hat - Santa Claus

As the holiday season sweeps back into the Florida Keys like a snowbird carrying the flu, the events and organizations deserving of your financial support seem endless. Most are extremely well- deserving organizations that provide vital social services for our community. 

Some are less scrupulous with questionable operating policies, but who has the time to research everyone? We at the Weekly understand your predicament and put our finest investigative journalists on the case to find out…

10. Heroin for the Homeless
9. The Islamic State of Iraq & Syria Bake Sale & Christmas Bazaar
8. Habitat for Iguanas of Key West
7. March of Nickels
6. Business and Professional Men’s Club
5. Any Go Fund Me page that supports a private business
6. Toys for Ocean Reef Tots
7. Starvation Army
6. Habitat for Humans Wanting a Second Home
5. Pedicures for People with dirty, crusty Circle-K feet
4. Stock Island Derelict Vessel Boat Parade
3. Take Stock in Guys Who Can’t Get a Date
2. Adopt-a-Russian-Spy-for-the-Holidays
1. Happy Hour Benefit to Support Santa’s Lap Dances

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