a pile of tires sitting next to each other

Monroe County County Solid Waste, partnering with the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, will host three free Earth Day Tire Amnesty events for Monroe County residents with proof of residency. 

Residents may turn in up to six non-commercial tires with no rims for free on Saturday, April 20, Saturday, April 27, or Saturday, May 4, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Monroe County transfer stations. The transfer stations are located at:

Cudjoe Transfer Station, MM 21.5, Blimp Road

Long Key Transfer Station, MM 68, Overseas Highway

Key Largo Transfer Station, 11180 County Road 905

Residents must be able to load the tires into a container at the transfer stations, but assistance can be requested if needed by calling Monroe County Recycling Coordinator Melody Tuschel at 305-509-0325.

“Tires can be a detriment to our local ecosystem and, when disposed of improperly, can hold water, making them the perfect breeding grounds for mosquitos,” said Tuschel. This event will help us remove some of these tires lying around people’s properties to recycle them properly.”

In a landfill, it can take about 2,000 years for a tire to decompose. The tires collected at the event will be hauled to American Tire Recycling in Miami, where they are processed into rubber mesh granules. The granules are repurposed for asphalt/road surfacing, playgrounds, athletic fields, and landscape applications.