Tasked with investigating the airplane crash in Marathon on April 9, the Florida Highway Patrol has identified the aircraft registration, but not the deceased. The aircraft was registered to Steve Fraysher with an address in Lakeshore, California. 

A search of the internet revealed a man with the same name with ties to Islamorada. “The occupant was not identified on the scene due to being badly burned … next of kin notification is pending identification of the deceased,” the report states. 

The plane crashed into an unoccupied home on 76th Street in Marathon in the late afternoon. A parachute and debris from the aircraft were located near the crash scene.

The plane was a brand-new Pipistrel Italia SRL Sinus. It is billed as an “aircraft glider” and one particular model has removable wingtips, according to the manufacturer. This matches eyewitness descriptions of the plane. 

Several online obituaries identify Steve Fraysher as a 66-year-old man from Islamorada who died on April 9.

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