Upper Keys Little League team the Cubs had a “jump-for-joy” moment upon finishing their season 15-0 on May 22 to become champions in their division, which was for ages 6 to 8 with machine pitching. Co-coach Richard Mangel said the team’s success was due to “hard work and dedication,” while co-coach P.J. Cummings Sr. said, “They grew exponentially over the year. They went from not being able to hit the ball very well to making home runs and fielding the ball great.” In the photo, from left: coach Richard Mangel, Gauge Nopp, Edison Mangel, Mason Joseph, Jaxon Udink, Henry O’Keefe, Ryan Rusch, Tristan Hughes, Troy Steputis, Blake Austin, Jonathan Gabriel, P.J. Cummings Jr. and coach PJ Cummings Sr.

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