Two weeks ago, Rocky, a juvenile green sea turtle, was found by the Key Dives team at Rocky Top Reef acting lethargic. Concerned, the divers rescued Rocky with the permission and guidance of The Turtle Hospital in Marathon. After some rest and rehabilitation to take care of some intestinal issues, Rocky was returned to the reef where he was found. Dive iInstructor Justin Benson of Key Dives, who helped orchestrate Rocky’s rescue, said, “It’s really amazing to be able to put him back. Too often, they can’t go back.” As Benson finished speaking, a pod of dolphins danced behind the Key Dives’ boat. Benson added, “Dolphins — how perfect. It’s as if mother nature is thanking us. That’s what it feels like.”

Rocky the sea turtle was rescued from Rocky Top reef by the Key Dives team. After some care at the Turtle Hospital in Marathon, Rocky got to go home.
Rocky is a juvenile green sea turtle estimated to be around 7 years old.
The Turtle Hospital’s Bette Zirkelbach and Key Dives’ Justin Benson help release Rocky off the side of Key Dives’ boat, Giant Stride.
Key Dives’ Jason Adams calms Rocky the green sea turtle before its release.

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