Storm Hero

Here’s our top list of what definitely does NOT define a #storm hero.

September ushered in one feisty old lady named Irma. She came, blustered, blew and handed our backsides back to us tenfold. Yet from the ashes, some rose to the occasion—preserving our belief in the human spirit.

No doubt about it, Irma brought out something in all of us. Many became worthy heroes, rising to the challenges, going above all odds and rightfully gained the moniker “storm hero.” However, for a few others (and we can all relate or know a guilty party), there have been hints of false self-edification woven into our post-storm activities. So for every social media posts and alcohol induced boast that has consisted of the trivial turned triumphant, we ask:

What exactly defines a #stormhero?

1.You lost power at your house but weren’t even here.


  1. Filed a complaint against Comcast and AT&T on day 2.


  1. First in line when the liquor store opened.


  1. Had to clean up your own yard because your landscaper couldn’t make it back and then posted a picture of yourself with the leaf blower.


  1. Read your first book in over 12 months because your cable went out for three days.


  1. Went without “organic” food for two weeks


  1. Re-quoted facts from CNN and Forbes (note: leave town if you quoted Forbes).


  1. Forced to eat all the frozen lobster tails and Key West pinks before they went bad.


  1. Started social media arguments over people staying or leaving—and you didn’t get back until this week.


  1. Finally cleaned out your garage after procrastinating for three years. And then filed a claim on the junk you piled on the street.


  1. You deferred your mortgage payments for 3 months and immediately went shopping.


  1. You started a personal go-fund-me page because you lost a gutter.

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