Pull up a chair and pour yourself a double shot of humility on the rocks. We’re roaring into Leo season this week.

In good news: Mercury is blessedly moving out of retrograde. It’s the Murphy’s law portion of the astrological calendar wherein travel plans go awry, hard truths are revealed and blood is spilled over Scrabble scores. While they can often feel like the emotional equivalent of a sucker punch, retrogrades exist to bring about the changes in our lives we are afraid, or unwilling, to make ourselves. This retrograde was ushered in earlier this month by a lunar eclipse and the watery, emotionally sunburned sign of Cancer, encouraging us to feel equal parts sensitive and spiteful. Survival strategies for the remainder of the retrograde include limiting social media commentary, postponing contract signings and resisting the impulse to drunkenly call your Mom to talk about your childhood.

The closing days of Mercury in retrograde coincide with a Black New Moon on July 31. Not quite as ominous as it sounds, a Black moon marks the rare occurrence of two new moons within the same month. July’s Black New Moon is a prime opportunity for reflection and serious intention setting. It doesn’t expressly require a blood sacrifice, but it couldn’t hurt.

As we leave behind moon-ruled moodiness of Cancer, we usher in fiery, mane-shaking, mirror-loving, Leo Season. Here with the good hair from July 23 to August 23, Leo energy edges toward the extreme, evident in the fact that lions eat until the point of immobility, including but not limited to, their own young. Conversely, the dark side of Leo energy is found in egotism, petty competition, and the propensity to feed off of drama as though it were an antelope carcass.

Leos are at their very best when in service or protection of others, making the weeks ahead an ideal time to pursue social advocacy, creative comradery and anonymous kindness.

Your temper doesn’t flare, it self-immolates. Practice forgiveness, especially of small grievances; lead forward with your right hoof rather than your readied horns.

Notable Local Aries: Tennessee Williams

There’s a fine line between self-care and self-indulgence; it’s measured in ranch dressing.

Notable Local Taurus: Harry S. Truman

Freedom of speech should not mean the absence of an internal monologue. Choose your words, and your listeners, carefully.

Notable Local Gemini: Dick Matson

A protective shell is important, an emotional barrier is problematic. Licking your wounds narrows your world view to the edges of your own injuries.

Notable Local Cancer: Ernest Hemingway

Mirrors are the least reflective of surfaces. Know thyself as well as you know thy angles.

Notable Local Leo: Captain Tony Tarracino

You have a tendency to recycle romantic relationships; returning faithfully to the same well expecting the water to taste different. Try a filter that attaches to your tap and removes contaminants: lead, self-loathing, poor judgment and short-term memory loss.

Notable Local Virgo: David Allen Coe

Lying to protect the feelings of others — or your own reputation — obstructs necessary change. Cease and desist your emotional philandering.

Notable Local Libra: Shel Silverstein

Being suspicious of everyone and occasionally being right is paranoia, not intuition. Practice cautious optimism.

Notable Local Scorpio: Calvin Klein

Truth is power, but you need not use it like a blunt object. You learn nothing by being right.

Notable Local Sagittarius: Robin Roberts

You are admirably adept at making and keeping money. Allow yourself routine lapses of generosity and frivolity; hearses don’t come with luggage racks.

Notable Local Capricorn: Jimmy Buffett

You have the charisma and the jawline to galvanize a crowd, just be sure to dilute your Kool-Aid with rationality before you drink it.

Notable Local Aquarius: Elizabeth Bishop

Feelings, like zombies, don’t stay buried for long. Without the proper tools for dispatch, scythe and talk therapy respectively, they will eat you alive.

Notable Local Pisces: K-Ru$h

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REDA WIGLE is a middle child and Taurus Fire Tiger named after a stigmatic saint. She divides her time and affections between New Orleans and Key West.