Next weekend, the Pigeon Key Foundation will raffle the prized locomotive synonymous with Flagler’s 8th Wonder of the World.

“Old Henry” – the retrofitted Jeep known for shuttling passengers along the historic 7 Mile Bridge — can be previewed in front of the Pigeon Key Gift Shop on Knight’s Key. As a beloved part of the Middle Keys community, the Pigeon Key Foundation is looking forward to Old Henry’s next duty.

“Old Henry is as American as apple pie,” said Pigeon Key Executive Director Kelly McKinnon. “I’m a scientist, not a historian, but the lucky group or individual that wins him will reap his benefits for years to come.”

The raffle will take place next weekend at the 19th annual Pigeon Key Art Show— Saturday and Sunday, Feb. 23 and 24.

For more information, please call Kelly McKinnon at 305-509-0438.

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