Woman Defrauds Own Mother

Woman defrauds her own mother

A Stock Island woman used her mother’s name and social security number to set up seven credit accounts, spending over $10,000.00 in her mother’s name.

The victim discovered the crimes after reviewing her credit report. She called the Sheriff’s Office to report her daughter – 34 year old Miriam Garmas – had committed the crimes.

Detective Juan Llera was assigned to investigate. He found that Garmas had, among other things, paid $4,200.00 for breast augmentation on a credit line in her mother’s name. She also had credit lines set up with Victoria’s Secret, Old Navy, Dell, Wal-Mart, Credit One Bank and Chase Bank.

In order to hide the crimes from her mother, Garmas had all of the correspondence from the accounts sent to her own residence on 3rd Avenue, Stock Island.

Garmas was arrested Monday for seven counts of fraud. She was booked into jail.