“The tweet says ‘Elections are canceled.’ I’m not sure if it’s a joke …”

April Fools’ Day is incredible fun. Did you scream about the gator in your pool and watch the children attach themselves like suction cups to the sliding doors? A good April Fools’ joke is just believable enough lure them in — only until they realize they’ve been had. Some ideas work but some can hit a little too close to home, end friendships and ruin marriages. Here are 13 Florida Keys April Fools’ that went a bit too far.

1. Announce hurricane season has been extended and starts April 2.
2. Full time transient rentals in every residential neighborhood, thanks to Tallahassee.
3. 18-Mile Stretch becomes just one lane. No more passing.
4. Homestead makes bathroom stops illegal for Keys residents.
5. Key West Pinks are now endangered.
6. Locals’ discount abolished everywhere.
7. Happy hour officially noon to 1 p.m.
8. You can only sell one item EVER on Key West Yard Sale or Marathon Yard Sale.
9. Schools will now have half days every other day and holidays once a week (Oh, wait).
10. Hurricane re-entry to be dictated by net worth.
11. Absolutely no liquor sales on Sunday.
12. Lower Matecumbe to be named Northern Marathon.
13. Brownsville, Texas is now the official “Southernmost City” in the USA.

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