#EditorsPick: Sunscreens we swear by

#EditorsPick: Sunscreens we swear by

If you’re laying out with your girlfriends and want to get a good tan, but don’t want to burn I recommend Australian Gold 30 SPF Spray Gel Sunscreen with instant bronzer. It has a wonderful fragrant smell to it, and being a gel I find it is concentrated enough that I find a single bottle […]

#Protection: Skin Cancer Survivor Story

Contributed When 43-year-old Capital Bank Vice President Michele White first noticed an unusual growth on her upper lip, she thought it was just acne or a minor irritation from being out in the sun. A few weeks passed and it didn’t go away, so she visited her dermatologist to get it checked. After an initial […]

#Toe2Toe: How to prepare your feet for a Florida Keys summer

#Toe2Toe: How to prepare your feet for a Florida Keys summer

The Florida Keys can be an unforgiving place for our phalanges and friends. Between the heat, pea rock, hot sand, and gravel – comfort is primal, and fashion is futile (if you’re not a local). Here’s how to survive the summer months while maintaining your stride: Have proper hiking/ walking/ runner shoes This one seems […]

#Attractions: Have a house guest & need something to do? Like SPF, we’ve got you covered

From top to bottom (Key Largo to Key West), these are some of the best attractions in the Keys. They are a place to get out of the sun and do something different. Theater of the Sea MM 84.5 Whether you’re there to see a show or interact with animals, the Theater of the Sea […]

#Events: Here ye, here ye … here is a social calendar you don’t want to miss

July 4th – Fireworks Shows There are four major fireworks shows in the Keys. The Upper Keys show, off Blackwater Sound, is set to start at 10 p.m., and the best seating can be found at Sundowners, Senior Frijoles restaurants, Carribbean Club, and the Marriot Key Largo Bay resort. The show in Marathon is staged […]

#PartyOnWayne: Top 6 summer party accessories

• Inflatable Duck – Nothing says, “I came to party, but I’m also practical and want to just float, and not swim,” quite like the inflatable duck. • Coozie – Remember that trip you took to Key West, and you miighhht have had a few too many, but your friends watched out for you and […]