adrenaline junkie and adventure enthusiast

Kevin Johnsen knows how to have a good time. He is most often found on the boat, usually doing something insane, and probably catching it on his GoPro — things that include waterspouts, hammerheads, surfing on Keys’ reefs, mermaids, and cleats. Here’s 20 questions with the adrenaline junkie and adventure enthusiast.

 1. Full Name? Kevin Bradley Johnsen.

 2. What’s your job: Adventure Charter Captain.

 3. What’s your worst nickname: “Marathon’s Playboy,” courtesy of Jason Koler.

 4. How long have you lived in the Keys? 31 years.

 5. Is this your ‘hometown’? Tough question, this is my hometown, but I was born in Illinois. My parent’s moved here when I was two, and I was away from fourth grade through high school, but this is my hometown.

 6. How many YouTube subscribers do you have? More than 10,000 at “kjgophish.”

 7. What’s your best adventure story? To put in the paper? Definitely the YouTube stuff, taking a flats boat through a waterspout off the 7 Mile Bridge sticks out the most.

 8. Which of your videos has the most hits? The viral hammerhead shark videos has more than 30 million views.

 9. What’s your favorite place in the Keys? Probably Robbie’s, it’s fun to feed the tarpon and get bit. It’s not fun unless you are bleeding. Whoever has the highest bite mark wins.

 10. If you wrote an autobiography, what would the title be? “Kevin: Believe it or not.”

 11. What was the worst job you ever had? Digging irrigation ditches in the Keys. Not fun.

 12. What’s your favorite guilty pleasure? I’ve been lazy lately, but I usually make my own sushi and sashimi. It’s so good.

 13. Who is your celebrity crush? I don’t really like celebrities, but if I had to choose, Jennifer Aniston, because she seems to have a little bit of everything good.

 14. Who is your TV alter ego? MacGyver.

 15. What is your funniest boating story? It’s pretty funny when someone goes over the side of the boat and their bathing suit gets stuck on a cleat. Cleats like to grab bottoms.

 16. How many mermaid tails do you own? I think I am up to eight.

 Finish these sentences …

 17. If I could eat dinner with anyone in the world … it would definitely be Bob Marley.

 18. When I go, I will go … probably in the ocean.

 19. If I was stuck on a deserted island … I would hope to have a mask.

 20. If I was invisible … I’d play pranks on people and YouTube it. 



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