King Tommy the LionHeart

Some people are naturally lionhearted, such as Tommy Ryan, candidate for Fantasy Fest King. Hailing from Brooklyn, New York, Ryan went from four years in the US Army (’78-’82) straight to joining the New York Fire Department, (’82-03). He was one of the first firefighters there after the second tower fell and witnessed the magnitude and horror of 9/11 first hand.

“It was insane, no true words can describe it and no pictures can do it justice.” Like a lot of first responders, Ryan developed “The Cough” associated with working in the area and PTSD. Facing stress and health issues, Ryan’s frequent trips to Key West became longer and longer. The tropical air and, as he calls it, “The Last Bohemian Place,” helped heal his lungs and as well as his heart alongside the “cast of characters” down here.

Why not run for Fantasy Fest King, Ryan thought? He knew win or lose, the money will be going to the worthiest of causes, AIDS Help, and help needy people up and down the Keys. Now on the campaign trail, this American hero isn’t just pursuing the title of king, but also, husband as well. Congratulations to Ryan and his partner, Jon Baird, who will be getting married this week … it seems Ryan is a winner already.

1. Full Name? Thomas Desmond Ryan.

2. Worst nickname? “Bones,” I was a skinny kid in Brooklyn.

3. Name one famous person you would bring back to life, why? Abe Lincoln, he seemed like a cool dude.

4. If you could put one famous person in elected position in the Keys, who and why? P!nk, love her strength.

5. Who is your celebrity crush and why? Henrik Lundqvist , New York Ranger goalie, he’s an awesome athlete and easy on the eyes

6. What’s the funniest thing that happens while campaigning? Just the People of Key West, love them.

7. Which TV character is your alter ego? The imp on “The Game of Thrones.”

8. If you could take one item to a deserted island … what? why? Rum, because that’s what a pirate needs.

9. If invisible what would you do in Key West? Slap slow moving tourists on the ass.

10.What was your first thought this morning? I’m alive. GOOD!

11. Favorite guilty pleasure? Ice cream.

12. Best/ funniest Key West siting or encounter you’ve ever had? The Drag Queens surrounding the anti-gay guy.

13. Worst job you ever had? Dishwasher.

14. If you could change someone’s opinion, what would it be? Don’t hate, we’re much more alike than we are different.

15. Dream meal: you are sitting at a diner counter eating. Who walks in and sits next to you? Mark Twain.

16. Fill in the blanks: I will change (the light bulb) when (it burns out).

Finish these sentences..

17. Living in Key West … is living in the last bastion of Bohemia.

18. My autobiography would be titled … “He Danced.”

19. Politics are … ugly this year.

20. When I go, I will go … dancing and bruised, slightly battered, but smiling and saying, “God Damn that was a hell of a ride!”

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