Key West Theater presentsOklahoma Smith and the Pantheon of Annihilation

Remember yelling, “No Indy, Don’t go in there!” at the movie screen? Obviously Chris Shultz and Michael Marrero did when they wrote their new play Oklahoma Smith and the Pantheon of Annihilationnow playing at the Key West Theater.  It’s their version of an older, weightier and funnier Indiana Jones – now dubbed Oklahoma Smith – in a slapstick interactive musical comedy. Finally it’s OK to yell at the stage because the audience decides what happens next in Oklahoma’s adventures (or misadventures). Shultz and Marrero have created a new theater genre, musical comedy game show.

“It contains profanity, drug use and firearms,” said Marrero, preparing the audience opening night, “and that is in just the first seven minutes.”

The play is riddled with the familiar but always with a comedic twist. Oklahoma Smith, played by local favorite David Black, starts off as a retired teacher pulled back into saving the world and fight the evil Mistress Nefarious, played by a delightfully accented Alexandra Zeto. He must find the “Book of the Dead” with trusty sidekick Beanpole and not fall in love with an almost identical Karen Allen played by seasoned actress Dakota Mackey-McGee. But plot aside, the most ludicrous and hysterical moments are delivered by the background characters, played by local funny men Brandon Beach, Pony Charvet and Chad Newman—let’s just say wigs, dresses and lots of rhinestones are involved.

From plot twists to actors playing multiple characters, the play has it all, but don’t plan on sitting back and just enjoying the show. The audience is the show when asked to pick the next scene or action for Oklahoma resulting in victory or defeat. And hey, when the audience chooses wrong, just like any techie knows, REBOOT!

It’s hilarious, original and terribly indicative of Key West’s love of dark comedy, cross-dressing and nostalgia for anything ’80s.

“Time is an amazing currency,” said Shultz, referring to the four years of development the play has undergone, “There is a huge amount of talent involved and grown locally. But sorry there is so many [email protected]*#ing curse words.”

Oklahoma Smith and the Pantheon of Annihilationruns through April 29 at the Key West Theater, 512 Eaton Street in Old Town. Tickets are available at or by calling 305-985-0433.

Oklahoma Smith and the Pantheon of Annihilation

Key West Theater

Through April 29

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