Bob Reber creates plaques, furniture and wall art

Wood grain and rich brown hues are the centerpiece for artist Bob Reber’s stylish creations. He whittles down tree limbs to vases and trinkets and use pieces of tree trunk to make plaques, sculptures and furniture.

“My favorite part of what I do is using my imagination. Sometimes I have to wait for a piece of wood to decide what it is going to be. Today I realized how I am going to make the legs for a table,” said Reber.

Reber’s work features the wood from local trees. Jamaican Dogwood is one of his favorite timbers to use because of the changing color and lively grain. Elbows branches make nice picture and mirror frames, each one cut in half to create a symmetrical shape.

“I’m working on a beautiful gun rack for Southernmost Guns,” he said.

The most popular pieces are his wall sculptures. They are a collaboration between Reber’s wood working skills and the beautiful metal sculptures by Fishbone Design, cut with a plasma cutter. The designs themselves are also a collaboration — some by Fishbone, others by Reber himself. He recently did the design for a tuna.

Reber uses a laser to engrave images in wood, mainly, but also brass, glass and other material. Recently he started producing plaques that serve to commemorate a “big catch,” complete with photo. In fact, the plaques are the spin-off of a good charter he wanted to remember with a taxidermied copy of the fish.

“The captain said it cost $1,200 and my buddy said, ‘That is a lot of money to spend on something your wife will hate,’” he said, smiling.

Reber offers bonues to captains who refer clients whom he charges about $245 for a memento of the big day.

Most recently, Reber has been engraving funny phrases related to Mother’s Day. He’ll sell them at the Artisan Market at the Restaurant store until he’s able to open up his own shop. Customers often comment on a jewelry box he made for his mom who has since passed away. It’s not for sale, but others very like it are.

One of his creations he keeps close to his heart is a jewelry box he made for his mother who passed away. He always brings it to his venues and people ask to buy it but it is not for sale but others are.

Bob Reber can be reached at 305-304-7225 or [email protected]

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