What do you enjoy about being on the weightlifting team? I love being with all my friends, but especially because we love doing the same things. I really enjoy getting to watch everyone progress, and pushing myself because it helps me better myself and improve my image.  

How long have you been lifting on the team? I originally joined because a friend encouraged me. After the first couple days of trying it out, I really began to love it and wanted to be in the weightroom everyday. I have been on the team for almost three years. 

Describe one of your best moments in athletics. One of my most memorable moments was  just a few weeks ago when I hit 200 pounds on bench press. It was when everyone on the team was hitting their maximum. It was a time of milestones for everyone on the team. 

Coach Schubert says … “Dude, just do it.” It reminds me of the Nike slogan. Whenever Schubert says this it really hypes me up. It makes me feel like if I didn’t hit my weight on the first try, I will be able to get it on my second try.