Michael Haskins

Barry Cuda still pushin’ piano

I also love playing the Green Parrot. I think it is the most interesting bar musically on the island and in South Florida for that matter.

In Their Own Words with Jonathan Woods

Key West is a great place to live for writers because of its great writer vibe created by its long literary heritage from Hemingway to Tennessee Williams and Elizabeth Bishop to Philip Caputo, Tom McGuane, John Leslie and Robert Stone, to name a few.

Lauren McAloon Sculptor

Lauren and her husband Brendon McAloon had never been to Key West when they decided to move here from New England. “We made the decision, literally, by flipping a coin,”...

In Their Own Words – The Carter Brothers

Back then, Sloppy’s was the “locals spot.” They brought in a lot of diverse, cool music, a lot of national touring bands were playing there. I remember Leon Russell playing there, War, Pure Prairie League.