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Dog bites: An unlikely COVID-19 concern

We have a new arrival at our house, our goldendoodle, Olivia. Lovable as she is, she goes beyond what my training in...

OPINION:Infections, epidemics and pandemics in Hollywood

Let’s make one thing perfectly clear: I am not a huge movie buff. Not only do I not have the patience to...

No shirt, no shoes, what’s the risk? (Musings on COVID-19 transmission)

I don’t know whether it’s the relative lack of people or less wild weather (until recently, anyway), but the poincianas on our...

Finding a way back to school

Depending on how you define it, I regularly tune in to just one “reality” show: the one in which people race around...

Antibody Testing: Past, Present, Future

It seems as if the world has taken on Key West’s coconut telegraph mentality. This test. That treatment. These preventive measures. What does...

Help your homebound kids thrive

There’s actually someone in our house who’s loving this shelter-in-place directive: our cat, Sebastian. Not only does he get more lap time,...

Kids and stressful events

When life throws us a curveball — and right now, our planet is one big curveball — we need to make adjustments. We’ve all...

New developments in transgender youth care

When a world crisis of some sort enters everyone’s consciousness, it’s hard to remember that the world keeps turning. As long as people can...
Flouride in Water – The Invisible Additive - A close up of a young child smiling at the camera - Smile

Flouride in Water – The Invisible Additive

If we’re in any of the many fine Duval Street establishments, most of us will try and be prudent enough to keep an eye...
Preparing And Protecting Kids During Hurricane Season - A close up of a stop sign on a pole - 2019 Atlantic hurricane season

Preparing And Protecting Kids During Hurricane Season

Yes, it’s that time of year again. Actually, it’s been that time of year for a few weeks. But a few of us may...