The Lies I Tell
By Julie Clark

The target is a man Meg has patiently waited for over the last 10 years. She was just a girl when she and her terminally ill mother Rosie lost their home because of one man: Ron Ashton. Meg becomes a chameleon, changing her personality, skills and often her name. Like the Robin Hood of emotional trauma, Meg focuses on men who have ruined the lives of women by taking their power away – narcissistic, good looking, successful men who believe they are above the law. Meanwhile, Kat Roberts has been biding her time. As a young journalist in Los Angeles a decade ago, she received a tip on a hot story her boss was covering. Alone and inexperienced, Kat was physically and emotionally traumatized while following up on the lead, leaving her life in shambles from which she has never recovered. Supporting her detective boyfriend Scott in Gamblers Anonymous, Kat finds herself at a crossroads. She has discovered Meg is back in town and posing as a real estate agent. Kat is determined to befriend Meg, infiltrate her latest con and put her sorely missed journalistic skills back to work. Legal or not, these two women are certain that justice will be served.

By Marissa Stapley

Luciana “Lucky” Armstrong and her handsome, charming father John have lived a life of hustles and lies. She and her father often rationalized their deception by priding themselves on being as generous as they were manipulating. Traveling the country, Lucky was taught that they were a team and no one else could be trusted. Smart as a whip, she dreamed of a normal home, school and friends and to finally meet the mother who abandoned her when she was just a baby. John is eventually imprisoned for his crimes and Lucky meets the perfect guy, Cary. Ready to build a new life and deal with the complicated identity issues her father created, Cary helps Lucky attain her goal of earning a college degree and a place to call home. Eventually, however, she learns that Cary is no different from her hustler father. When he disappears without a trace, she is left with nothing except a stupid lottery ticket she bought on a whim at the gas station. Days later, Lucky discovers the lottery ticket is the big winner, but she cannot turn it in without being identified. This sets Lucky on the search for the one person she believes can set her free.

Cover Story 
By Susan Rigetti

NYU student Lora Ricci snags a summer internship position she has spent her life dreaming about. She will begin work at Elle magazine and be one step closer to becoming an actual writer. When she arrives, Lora finds herself isolated in the beauty closet stocking supplies, but she is at Elle and is climbing the ladder. Determined to shine, Lora befriends the beautiful and exotic contributing editor, Cat Wolff. She begins to complete small tasks for Cat and is quickly taken under the editor’s very stylish wing. When the end of summer nears, Cat offers Lora the opportunity to collaborate on a writing project she is certain will be published. Lora drops out of NYU, moves into Cat’s suite at the Plaza Hotel and begins a yearlong extravaganza in the whirlwind of Cat’s glamorous life. Her parents’ disappointment keeps Lora from telling anyone about her struggles or plans, as she is consumed by the idea of being published. Penniless, Lora is constantly at the whim of every outrageous decision Cat makes, often leaving her confused and slightly suspicious of Cat’s true identity. As the pieces of this mysterious puzzle begin to fall apart, Lora’s dreams come crashing down around her.

TRENDING TIP: Don’t miss the incredible Netflix series “Inventing Anna,” featuring a socialite scammer whose story went viral.

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