Country music star finds his ‘home away from home’

While en route to Sony Records, up and coming country music singer Brandon Ray was able to steal away a minute to chat from the back of an Uber on the way to the airport. “Life is so fast paced in Nashville,” he said. “When we are in Key West, we just get to slow down a little.”

Spending plenty of time in Key West, the recording artist is looking forward to his upcoming one-night gig at Island Dogs Bar at 505 Front St. in Key West on Tuesday, Nov. 29.

“My wife, Alyssa, and I have been vacationing in Key West for the past five years,” he said, looking forward to the perfect weather and cool watering holes. “And, everyone in Key West loves Nashville.”

While in town last May for Singer Songwriters Festival, he and general manager of Island Dogs, David Thibault became friends. When Ray mentioned he would be back with his family at the end of November, Thibault jumped on the opportunity to have him play an acoustic show. “He’s a badass,” said Thibault.

One of Ray’s singles out now “American Way,” has been number one on CMT’s 12-pack countdown for weeks. It’s also on the “New Boots” playlist on Spotify, and is being added to the Sirius XM country lists as well. His lyrics and music video won’t disappoint. His other songs include “Gas on the Fire,” “That Could Be Us,” and “The Way It Was.”

While in town, he’s also looking forward to grabbing a piña colada at the Casa Marina, and he is “obsessed” with Smokin’ Tuna’s menu – even going twice somedays. Not a stranger to Key West stages, he’s played on plenty, but loves watching the Durt Bags at Durty Harry’s.

To learn more about Brandon Ray or hear some of his songs, visit his website at

“It’s all about community and encouragement, that’s why I love Key West, it’s like a mini Nashville.” — Country music singer Brandon Ray.

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