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Clogs: Wear’em for Comfort. Wear’em for Picking up Chics…?

“They’re called lucky shoes. I call them lucky shoes ‘cause I get lucky when I wear them. They add three inches to your height. I wear them...
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Sign Shop Sold to Marathon Businessmen

Stan Haines and Jeff Pinkus Acquire Keys Grafix & Sign Last Thursday, local businessman and political strategist Stan Haines teamed with buddy, Jeff Pinkus to acquire Keys Grafix...
A person talking on a cell phone - Craft Feather

Key West Fantasy Fest 2010

The Art of the Mask John McBride returns to the Historic Armory for a festival of Mask-making and Design. McBride established Maskerville Feathercrafts in Key West in 1994,...

Nothing in life is free – Tree proffer kindly taken off the table

Claude Halioua’s trees will not be going in the ground anytime soon. The owner of TLC Nurseries in Marathon has been after the council for years to accept...

Coast Guard to Add Hardcore Competition to Lighted Boat Parade

“We’re called water Nazis, but we’re here to help!” Hailing from Southern California and having spent close to 20 years in Key West, CWO3 Todd Stoughton, Commanding...
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Keep the Paint Off Your Walls

The Just4Kids Children’s Art Center reopens this week by offering FREE art classes to any Keys’ kids wishing to attend ...This season kicked off with a fun...
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Arts Council Elects New Board Members

The Florida Keys Council of the Arts is pleased to announce the new officers elected to the Board of Directors for the 2010-2011 fiscal years. Chair Dean...
Sole Man

The Sole Man

Six Years of Sellin’ Shoe with Soul By Josie Koler Katrina Pavlov, blew in and tore through the specialty shoe store on Duval similar to a Cat 5. “My name...
Chris Friel et al. posing for the camera - Sheriff

Captain Receives Plaque for Service to Islamorada

Islamorada Mayor Michael Reckwerdt gave Monroe County Sheriff’s Captain Donnie Fanelli a plaque recently, recognizing him for his service to the Village of Islamorada while he served...
A person standing next to a body of water - August Busch IV

King of Middle Keys Diving

Savor the spirit of Adolphus Busch Sr. This past week, 17 Lionfish were spotted on the Adolphus Busch Sr. wreck off Big Pine. “My goal is to get as...