Why is the shallow collection of corals about 5.5 miles south of Ramrod Key called Looe Key and not Looe Reef? Well, when the H.M.S. Looe wrecked...
“On the Hook” with Mark Hedden —Captivating, Raw, Genius - A man holding a gun - Florida Keys

“On the Hook” with Mark Hedden —Captivating, Raw, Genius

History is always in the making, and it's local artists like photographer Mark Hedden who have the ingenious eye to capture it. Hedden’s new show “On The...
Henry Flagler’s railroad - A boat is docked next to a body of water - Seven Mile Bridge

Henry Flagler’s railroad

KEY WEST HISTORY While construction of Henry Flagler’s railroad had begun years prior, it was not until 1910 that the first railroad spike was hammered into the Key...
The Overseas Highway - A vintage photo of a ship - Overseas Highway

The Overseas Highway

There have been many versions of the Overseas Highway. When it opened to public use in 1928, the original path followed the Card Sound route. The 18-Mile...
THE LIGHTHOUSE - A vintage photo of an old building - History


KEY WEST Some 70 miles southwest of Key West are the Dry Tortugas, where two lighthouses have been erected. The first, built in 1825, was constructed on Garden...
Road to the Keys - A man riding a horse drawn carriage traveling down a dirt road - George Allen

Road to the Keys

UPPER KEYS In 1895, years before Flagler’s train began making tracks for the Florida Keys, politician George W. Allen gave a speech advocating the necessity of a road...
jump starting tourism - A group of people on a boat in the water - Florida Keys

jump starting tourism

UPPER KEYS P.F. “Bud” and Martha McKenney came to visit the Florida Keys from Atlanta, Georgia where they operated a series of ice cream parlors. During their stay,...
the wrecking industry - A large ship in a body of water - Buoy tender

the wrecking industry

MARATHON Joshua Appelby sailed from Rhode Island, bound for the West Indies, circa 1822. He would come ashore in the area of Knights Key with a partner, John...
All  about  the  kraAl - A group of people sitting around a table - Florida Keys

All about the kraAl

According to Merriam-Webster, kraal is defined as “an enclosure for animals especially in southern Africa.” In the Keys, the word is most closely associated with the pens...
All  about  the  kraAl - A train traveling over a bridge - Key West

The Biscayne Aquifer

One of the challenges to living on these islands, both for the Indians who predated Christopher Columbus’ arrival to the New World and the early pioneers who...

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