CHRISTOPHILES to Perform at Key West High

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Christofiles spokesman Roosman

11-piece Local Group to Join On Stage Famous Gospel Singers “Alabanza D’Haiti”

by Mike Mongo and Josie Koler

Local Haitian Gospel Orchestra CHRISTOFILES are set to perform at 9 pm Saturday,  August 13  at Key West High School with internationally known Haitian Gospel Singing Group “Alanbanza D’Haiti”. According to band spokesman, Roosman, CHRISTOFILES will play Haitian music, reggae and R&B. 14 members make up the musical entourage!

“We have three guitars, a piano, drums, saxophone, trumpet, everything,” exclaimed Roosman.

The men are all from Haiti and work, “regular jobs,” here on the island of Key West.  Roosman is a talented maintenance man. The rest work gigs at Burger King, hotels and in restaurants. But, when they’re together, it’s all about the sound!
They came together by way of sharing a mutual love of praise and musicianship. After less than a year of performing together as church band for Perlerix Haitian Babtist Church at 3221 Flagler Avenue, the group earned musical credibility to church member Christella Delice. Mrs. Delice puts on an annual celebration of Haitian music at Key West High, and this year Mrs. Delice invited the group to open for “Alanbanza D’Haiti”.

Christofiles spokesman Roosman

Roosman said, “I do expect everyone to be happy with what we’re going to do this week. I want everyone to feel satisfied with the performance!”

If you love uplifting voices, this is the show for YOU!

While little is known outside Haitian, French, and Creole circles about Alabanza D’Haiti, they are nonetheless one of the most popular touring Haitian Gospel singing groups in the world. CHRISTOPHILE will perform Creole covers of traditional Haitian and International Gospel.

The show is scheduled to begin at 9 pm and takes place at Key West High School Auditorium on Saturday, August 13.

Tickets for the show are $20 in advance and availble at Mo’s Restaurant on White Street or by calling (305) 747-8412. You can purchase one for $30 at the door.

Experience the soaring lifting Joy of genuine Creole voices of musical Praise! One Night Only!

For more information, contact Roosman at (305) 879-1583