Tom Everhart was the only fine artist granted permission by Peanuts cartoonist Charles Schulz to use the Peanuts characters in his paintings. 2023 (c) Peanuts World Wide.

The familiar faces of beloved cartoon characters peer out from the walls of Ocean Blue Gallery, 109 Duval St. 

Snoopy, Woodstock, Charlie Brown, Lucy and the whole Peanuts gang are represented in colorful drawings created by artist Tom Everhart, the only fine art artist ever granted permission by Peanuts creator Charles Schulz to use the characters in his paintings.

In the 1980s, while still painting full-time on his previous body of work in his own studio, Everhart began drawing special projects for Schulz and United Media, both in New York and

Tokyo. These authentic Schulz-style drawings included covers and interiors of magazines, art for the White House, and the majority of the MetLife advertising campaign that featured the gang. 

By then, Everhart became the only fine artist authorized and educated by Schulz to draw the actual Schulz line that gave life to the Peanuts characters.

“After Charles Schulz passed away in February 2000, it left Everhart with a deep sense of loss as well as an even stronger desire to communicate the incredible gift bestowed on him by Schulz,” states a biography of Everhart. “Thus, in 2000 Everhart discovered French Polynesia, a small group of islands in the center of the Pacific Ocean. The ongoing trips between French Polynesia and Venice, California have had a significant effect on the paintings most easily observed in the luminous color palette. But, most importantly, it offered Everhart a new way of seeing the work he was dedicated to continuing.

“The Charles M Schulz Museum opened in August 2002 and the following year … Everhart had the honor of presenting his works in a solo exhibition titled ‘Under The Influence.’”

Everhart continues to lecture around the world on the artwork of Schulz and to communicate the unique collaborative relationship they shared.