Congressmen Carlos Curbelo was sworn into office last Tuesday at the San Carlos Institute where he gave the oath of office and stated what he plans to do in his term of congress. He already has been making strides in revamping education programs according to Superintendent Mark Porter and is active in trying to pass bills. During his speech at the event he spoke about how the U.S. needs to take greater action against the terrorist group ISIS and how he supports the Keystone Pipeline for the economic growth it will bring to the country. I was able to catch up with him before the interview and ask a few questions.

Q: How has your first month been on Capital Hill?

A: Congress has given me a voice and the opportunity to weigh in. I am encouraged by the openness and accessibility of congressional leaders.

Q: What are some advantages and disadvantages of covering such a large and diverse district?

A: I have no complaints. This is a diverse district but there are challenges unique to everyone. A lot of people are frustrated with economic recovery. Even though the district is diverse we are united with the same goals including transportation, infrastructure, education and military.

Q: What is the best approach to tackle the country’s immigration issue?

A: I support an overhaul of our nations immigration laws from A to Z and that includes border security and includes visa modernization. The caps we have on country-by-country visa are outdated. Another part of immigration is the guest worker program and a solution for the undocumented, which I am fighting for and will continue to fight for until we get it done.


Q: How do you feel about closing more areas of the National Marine Sanctuary to fishermen and the public?

A: I am in touch with officials regarding both the National Marine Sanctuary and Biscayne National Park. I understand there are efforts on-going to protect greater areas in both parks. I support doing that as long as we do so in a way that is sensitive to our local economy. There are a lot of fishermen both commercial and recreational that use these parks, rely on the sea for livelihood and for us to have food at supermarkets. Yes, we need do more to protect the marine sanctuary but do so in a way that is reasonable and sensible for our local economy.


 : Whom will you support for the Republican nominee for president in 2016?

A: Well, officially there are no candidates yet. Once everyone declares I will be making a decision. In Florida we are blessed to have potentially two very strong candidates, Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio. We will see if they decide to run. I will cross that bridge when I get to it.


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