Key West Outdoor Movies is the brain child of Visualize Entertainment’s Scott Gerke and Jason Hoegle. The lighting engineers and DJs’ latest project is for the people of Key West, specifically the children, and it’s free.

“We brought these movies to the park because there was nothing for my boys to do after dark and I felt the whole city could benefit from an event like this,” said Hoegle.

The groups’ first series started at Higgs Beach and is to be continued at Bayview Park beginning on Friday, Oct. 3. On the first and third Friday of every month, the guys blow up a 16 by 9 foot screen and set up a top of the line 3D, HD projector. Free popcorn is provided and currently the group is looking for sponsors to make the event even bigger.

“We have about 250 people that turned out to the last film, ‘Finding Nemo’ and we hope to have about 500 soon. No matter how big this event gets it will always be free,” said Gerke.

The public votes online to select which movie will be shown. The Bayview Park Series is for children so all the films are G and PG, but Gerke and Hoegle said other series are in the works.

There’s more. Each movie night begins with an original vignette produced by Gerke, Hoegle and friends. Most often, it relates to the movie the audience is about to see.

“Our goal is to have the audience look forward to our short clips as much as the movie. It is something fun and we really enjoy making the productions,” Gerke said.

“I am already saving up for a bigger screen,” said Gerke. “I had no idea how big this would get. People from all over town are coming to me with ideas and requests for the screen.”

Films will be played the first and third Friday of the month at Bayview Park. Movies start around 8 p.m. The first screening at Bayview Park will be Friday, Oct. 3. To find out more or vote, like their page on Facebook or go to

Key West Outdoor Movies

Bayview Park, corner of Jose Marti and Truman, free

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