From the fourth-grade classrooms of teachers Leslie Rasmussen and Taylor Forgraves: 

Dear Santa, What I would like is a new pair of clothes I would also like a gift for my friend and a apple watch series four I would also like a new puppy. Thanks for everything.

Love, Karla


Dear Santa, I love every time you visit my school and my house this year I would like a black ops4 for a ps4 and some flowers for my mom.

Thank-You Mathew


From the fourth-grade classrooms of teachers Stacie Gonzlez and Heather Geaneas at Stanley Switlik Elementary.  

Dear Santa, what I would like for Christmas is a new blue and pink bike. Also I would like is a new dog. Another thing I want for Christmas is a lava lamp. Two other things I want for Christmas is a American girl doll. A 2019 baby boxer calendar. The last thing I want for Christmas is a hover board. Santa I hope you can get me a few things on this list. Also, MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Sara Robinson


Dear Santa I have ben a good girl, what I want for Christmas is …

  1. An iPhone 8+
  2. A puppy iPhone 8+ case
  3. A puppy pikmi pop Jelly dream Surprise.
  4. 1 gallon of white glue and one gallon of clear glue.
  5. 3 cups of contact lens solution and 2 containers of baking soda
  6. the whole collection of captain underpants books
  7. 3 puppy posters
  8. 12 medium canvas
  9. a unicorn pikmi pop Jelly Dream Surprise
  10. A cat pikmi pop Jelly Dream Surprise
  11. 2 boxes of squishes
  12. stress balls
  13. big sister LOL and lil sister
  14. House of LOL’s
  15. A big tent (for girls)

Daniuska Perdomo


Dear Santa, what I want for Christmas is to see my mom. Also what I want for Christmas is a iphone so I won’t have to be bored when I’m travelling and what I want for Christmas is probly some more shoes/Jordans please, and some cloths or outfits please and MERRY CHRISTMAS.



The elves continue to work hard at the North Pole as Santa check his list twice. With Christmas approaching, students from Plantation Key School took some time out their day to write their wishes to Santa. 

Dear Santa,

I have been good this year and I really want to have a good Christmas with family. So what I really want for Christmas is a camera to take pictures with. Also a MacBook that I really want. Another thing I would like is an Apple Watch. For Christmas I wanted to be a Youtuber. That’s what I really want to Christmas. Last but not least a phone so I can do a lot of stuff. Happy Holiday Santa and Mrs. Claus

Emma Turk


Dear Santa,
I have been very good this year. For Christmas this year I would like a Polaroid camera. I would also like gift cards. Any type of gift card will work. I know I deserve these gifts because I have been amazing this year. This year in gymnastics I have accomplished my front and back walkover. Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!

Abbie Andersen


Dear Santa, 

I have been very good this year. This Christmas, I would like four to five things. Firstly, I’ll want some art supplies. Secondly, some nail polish. Thirdly, I would like a cookie decorating kit. Fourth, a unicorn stuffed animal. Last, but not least, I would like a sketchpad with a unicorn on it! All right here’s the end, and I want unicorn pajamas!

Happy Holidays,

Letters to Santa from a Few of our Favorite Grown-Ups 

In an almost annual tradition, the Marathon Weekly has once again asked the community to write to Santa

From Mayor Teri Johnston 

Dear Santa,

I know that this note catches you at your very busiest time and that lists from millions of children take priority.  However, when you have a moment, if you could just consider the following requests from Key West I would appreciate it.

Help keep Key West the loving, caring, giving and inclusive community that has been a shining beacon for humanity. Remind us that there are those among us who are struggling every day to sustain in Key West, to find adequate housing, to feed their families and are addressing serious health issues.  Keep those in mind who are alone this holiday season.  

We have much to be thankful for in our community.  Incredible neighbors, hardworking associates, fun-loving, creative citizens and a beautiful island to enjoy life on.  Please make sure that everyone is safe and peaceful this holiday season and instill patience in us as we invite the world to share in our little piece of paradise.

Stop by after your deliveries are complete.  Key West welcomes you!

Mayor Teri Johnston


From County Commissioner District 3 Heather Carruthers

Dear Santa,

It’s been a very long time since I wrote to you. So much has changed! I live in a place where it never snows now, and I love it. Do you still get snow where you are? 

There’s not much I would ask for myself for Christmas. I am very lucky to have a home, a wonderful family and more friends than I can count. There are things that would be nice to have for my the place where I live, though. The biggest would be a huge dome that could protect all of the Florida Keys from a hurricane. Another would be for FPL to retire their cooling canals. Another would be to finish Everglades restoration so our bay would be healthy again. One more thing would be for lots of new homes that people who live and work here all the time could afford to live in. 

I guess I can think of a few things for myself: more sleep for one, and more days with less wind so my family could go out on our boat. Fewer executive tweets would be good, and more respect and civility just about everywhere would be awesome. I’d really love for my kids to grow up in a safer, simpler world like I did. Mostly, I wish for them to have a lifetime of love and happiness.

That’s a lot. You’re probably glad that I haven’t written in a long time. Thanks for taking the time to read this. We will all be waiting for you on Christmas Eve!



From local actor, athlete, and trailblazer Kelly Jane

Dear Santa,

Since I was a kid, the holidays were a time to appreciate family.  Here in Key West we are an extension of our given family and seem to create roots deep with those we have met. This one holiday request has never been so relevant to me but ALL I wish for is PEACE on Earth. More specifically Peace with Oneself.

See Santa, Key West has been going through it since the Hurricane last year. We’ve lost apartments, friends, work and a sense of control. Some of us fared well and others of us not so well.  I wish for everyone to be fully recovered and if they are not ok, I wish them the will to tell a friend.  It’s ok not to be ok, but we as a community need to stay together, love one another and helps those see the light.


Dear Santa

All I want from you this year is a letter of recommendation to become the next Santa Claus. I feel that I am uniquely qualified for the position. 

I’m equal parts naughty and nice so I would be able to objectively determine who gets toys and who gets coal.

 Anyone who knows me will tell you that I refuse to grow up, so I know the mindset of a child quite well. 

I love animals so the reindeer would be well taken care of and loved. 

I’m a friend to the little people so your elves would feel right at home taking orders from me. 

I love milk and cookies! 

I look devilishly handsome in red! 

I’m used to working long hours and I love to travel! 

Oh, and I have a nice beard! 

I hope you’ll take this into consideration and recommend me when the time comes. 

Thank you, Santa!

Your biggest fan,

P.S. Could you shrink Jason Koler by like 8 inches? It’s not fair that he’s tall, unathletic and yet still rich.


Dear Santa,

Hi from the fabulous Florida Keys. I know you like the North Pole, but I’m very happy here living near the water with lots of sunshine and warm weather.

I have been a good girl this year (although I think we all have a little naughty in us that likes to pop up every now and again).

For Christmas this year, I have just a short list of wishes.

Some new playlists downloaded onto my phone for teaching Pilates class. (They take soooo long to create.)

A Key lime tree. I’ve lost two, now, to storms and am having a hard time finding one this year.

An invisible protective shield for my garden so the iguanas stop eating my plants!

I know you hear this a lot and it’s up to humankind to really make this happen, but I truly wish for worldwide kindness towards all people. (This is really my biggest wish!)

Say hello to Mrs. Claus who keeps you so well fed and jolly! And enjoy some R&R after your big night.

Merriest Christmas wishes to you,

Marianne “MarMar” Riffle
Key Colony Beach


Dear Santa,

Five years ago, I wished for relief from those naughty flood insurance increases and this year, I’m making the same request for our windstorm insurance rates. My only other wish is that you and your reindeer work extra hard to visit everyone in Monroe County, especially those who might not be back in their homes yet. It’s been a difficult year but as I’m sure you’ll see on Christmas Eve, we’re getting better every day!

Your biggest fan,

Holly Raschein, 120th District

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