“Graffiti shark” took about an hour and two coronas to complete. This shark wouldn’t be possible without the help from Brittany and her assistant Maria.

I’ve been of the mindset lately that it’s time to enter uncharted waters and do some things I haven’t really done much of in my young life. After all, with so much canceled in the way of events these days, what better time to get out of the comfort zone and challenge oneself?

Enter paint-and-sips. I’m seasoned at the latter … just not the former. I can’t even recall the last time I picked up a brush. Could the last time have been that one paint book with Mickey Mouse? No, it couldn’t have been that long ago!

I’ve heard about these paint-and-sips for some time. Sit down, take a brush and paint away as you indulge in your drink and socialize with friends. And who better to learn from than the talented Brittany Parker, who teaches the class (see story on page 51), and her assistant, Maria? 

If there’s ever a time to enter the realm of painting, it’s now. After all, it’s Shark Week, and Parker’s special paint-and-sip session at Baker’s Cay will have each of us painting a big ole shark on canvas. No pressure, as I look around and try to find a seat in the back so no one can peer at my progress. 

The beginning of the shark painting. Can you say, “Yikes?”

The first step was easy: take the shark stencil and draw it on the canvass. Second step, mix a little bit of your blue and black paints with the white for that grey. Then, paint away. 

At the outset, I was on my way to creating one heck of a pregnant dolphin as I painted just a little bit outside the lines. My shading game is also a little off, and I can’t seem to make a fine outline around the shark, nor am I having much success with painting teeth. With a little bit of guidance of pressing your wrist against the canvas and steadying your hand, things are actually coming around. Holy sh*t! I’m going to paint a shark. 

With the art piece almost complete, Brittany instructs the class to splatter their shark painting with some colors as the last step. And just like that, my work of art is complete. 

“Graffiti shark” took about an hour and two coronas to complete. This shark wouldn’t be possible without the help from Brittany and her assistant Maria.

I’m in awe as I gaze at what I just created. And it’s definitely going somewhere on my wall when I get home.  As Maria comes around to take a look at the finished product, she asks the name of the piece. Hmm… “graffiti shark.”

Coming in with little expectations of what I was going to create, confidence was gained in what I could be doing when there’s just a wee bit of free time in my busy schedule. And more than anything, the experience and atmosphere Brittany’s classes provide allows one to put the stresses normal life tends to bring to the side, and enter a different realm where they can relax and just paint. 

Paint-and-sip with Brittany is totally worth it, especially in these times when we could all use a little escape from reality. Best be sure I’ll be back sometime soon, ready to improve my shading and outlining. For more, visit Brittany’s Instagram page, @gowiththeoceanflowart.

This week, I’ll put the paint brush down and put on the gloves. It’s time for a little mixed martial arts.

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