Ukrainian Anna Grechiskina is on a two-year solo trip around the world on a motorcycle, fulfilling a childhood fantasy, inspiring others and hearing people’s dreams. In two and a half years she plans to hit five continents and 50 countries.

Her trip began on July 27, 2013. To date, she has been on the road for 16 months, traveled more than 30,000 miles and toured Europe, Asia, Australia before embarking on the North American leg. She has already traveled from San Francisco, through LA, along Route 66 to Chicago, New York City and the Eastern Seaboard before making it to Key West last weekend.

The Weekly caught up with Grechiskina and asked about her journey.

Q: How has it been so far?

A: It’s been great, the best decision of my life. It was difficult to find ways and sponsorships and I relied on the miracle of the universe. Hopefully I can finish it in two and a half years. I really enjoy seeing the different places.

Q: What kinds of dreams do people have?

A: There have been all kinds of dreams. Many people dream about peace and some want to travel. Actually what I notice is many people around the world have the same dream, to have a healthy and happy family.

Q: How do you encourage people to follow their dream?

A: What I do in every country is visit schools, orphanages, shelters and anybody who needs encouragement and inspiration. I tell them about the world and my adventure. I tell them the story of my dream, how I grew up with no parents or money and started traveling the world with only $1,000. I had motivation and passion to follow my dream and I give them confidence.

Q: Why on a motorcycle?

A: It is difficult but I have been traveling with it for nine years. I learned that it helps to connect with people easier. They come to you and start asking questions. It is not just a vehicle but also a means of connecting with people. Most people are excited to see a woman riding a big motorcycle full of stickers.

Q: What has been your favorite place thus far?

A: It’s hard to say. It is more about the people that you meet and in every country I have met amazing people I have bonded with. I consider all the places a second home. People invite me back and want to see me again.

Grechiskina said when she is done touring North America, she’ll head to South America. She said if she is able to inspire one person to reach for his or her dream, then her whole trip is worth it. After her travels, she plans to write a trilingual book — Ukranian, Russian and English. Follow her at The site has links to her Facebook and Instagram page.

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