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Married to the music

It’s a little bit funk, soul, rap, and throw in some hip hop too. Yep, they are kind of a fish out of water when it comes to music style. Aptly named, the band Fish Out of Water or F.O.W. breaks the mold with their original, one of kind, soul pumping, beat rapping music. The band just released its fifth album, “Married to The Music,” and Kyle Moon, lead singer and guitarist, calls it RoPhunk RaeHop a mixture of rock, funk, reggae and hip hop. It’s a lot of different sounds, familiar and new all at the same time, and definitely appealing in its unconventionality.

“Never played a cover in our lives,” said Moon. The result is music that’s comfortably retro with ample throwback to ’90s styles. The song “Chicken and Blunts” is head-bumping, cruising “sit back and relax and let the love flow, yo” and “Clap Your Hands” is all about the funk with the invitation to “Get on down to that groove,” complete with horns by Conner Mills and Zachary Douglas. “Rock-a Saurus Rex” is a monster of a song with J-Sneez rapping, some Red Hot Chilli Peppers bass, horns and ends with an anthemic love ballad.

Moon co-wrote the album with bandmate and first cousin, Brandon Moon, who plays bass and sings. Originally from San Diego, they were born one month apart and have always played together, and as it says on the album cover, they are “married to the music.”

“I haven’t paid rent in three years,” said Moon of their constant touring and typical schedule of five gigs a week. “It’s a sacrifice but my fingers are strong and know where they’re going.” That has brought F.O.W to Key West for years, playing at venues like Blue Heaven, Goombay and other festivals.

Their latest album has been in the works for three years. Producer Tap Johnson coordinated most tracks to be recorded in the Ramble Room at the Key West Theater, Andrew Gunning engineered the album and Nick Romanelli mixed it. In order to find time to record, the Moon cousins would play all day at Blue Heaven and then head to the studio and record all night, so it’s a true Key West production.

Moon, aside from playing six shows at Blue Heaven this weekend, will be doing charitable work for the Wesley Burnham Foundation. He will be reaching out to under privileged kids in the community and donating five to 10 new ukuleles provided by the foundation. See page. 20 for more

Check out to stream or purchase CDs or go to Facebook for more on the band.


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