The Muriels of Key West

Fact: not everyone can sparkle. But those who do, those who can light up the night like a glitter bomb, well, those are the Muriels. They are Key West’s own trio of pure extravagant, lip-syncing, dancing, entertainment joy.

Not everyone may know the Muriels, they don’t just hang out on street corners blowing kisses—well, yes, yes, they do. They are Kardashian-ism at its finest, riding around in their Muriel mobile shamelessly playing to, while simultaneously snubbing, the tourist paparazzi. They look like the Andrews Sisters time warped from Haight-Ashbury in matching outrageous outfits, “disco puff” wigs and signature oversized white sunglasses.

But it’s not easy being a Muriel, just ask Susan Campbell, Scott McCarthy, and Danielle Martin.

“The biggest challenge is to get dresses that fit all three of us,” laments Muriel No. 1 Susan Campbell, “And Scott still forgets to sit like a lady.”

“What can I tell you, I am a big woman, huge in Asia,” jokes the only male, Muriel No. 2 Scott McCarthy.

“We just love dressing up,” laughs Muriel No. 3 Danielle Martin.

The Muriels started like all fabulous (and horrendous) things do: when one thing lead to another. In 2011, the group started as the “Water Losers,” lip syncing Abba’s “Waterloo” at a birthday party. More gigs ensued and they evolved into the Muriels, stealing the moniker from the cult hit movie “Muriel’s Wedding.”

Ever since, their dance card has been full. (Original Muriel, Kimberly Denney had to eventually leave due to the rigors of rehearsal scheduling.) The Muriels have performed for Fantasy Fest campaigns and coronations, Samuel’s House, Valentines Day at The Curry Mansion and hosted trivia at the Salty Angler. During Pride Parade, they donned wedding gowns for marriage equality and once McCarthy entered the Hemingway Look Alike contest as, well, Muriel. Whether dressed as geishas or in beehive wigs, they lip sync and dance to classics like Abba and Nancy Sinatra all the way to Beyoncé — anything that entertains “Muriel” style.

“We will perform anywhere,” said Campbell unapologetically, “that gives us free drinks.”

The Muriels travel around the world in costume creating fabulous photos in Athens, check, Paris, yes, Checkpoint Charlie Berlin, umm, even that, or hitch hiking on Cow Key Channel Bridge, all for their annual Muriel Calendar. Go to Muriels Key West on Facebook to see their upcoming events and get ready to purchase their 2017 calendar. Like the Muriels, it’s pure disco gold.

Photo Credits go to JOHNNY WHITE/Mile Zero 

Purchase The Muriels Calendar and gift cards on Facebook, Muriels Key West

I’m always a little off, but if I could dance like Beyoncé, would I be talking to you?    Scott McCarthy, Muriel.

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