The Keys Weekly wishes the Class of 2022 all the best in their future endeavors. As our young scholars prepare to make their mark on our big, beautiful planet, we are reminded of their various accomplishments at class nights, in the yearbook and during graduation speeches. As some are voted Most Likely to Succeed, Most Popular or Most Athletic, we bring you a few such categories that should never make the yearbook or any other list, anywhere. Ever. (Remember, this is all in good fun, and we truly celebrate the Class of 2022.)

Top 10 rejected “senior superlatives” for the Florida Keys Class of 2022

10. Most likely to start the next pandemic. 

9. Most likely to suffer financial ruin at a racetrack or casino. 

8. Most likely to end up on

7. Best spreader of misinformation. 

6. Most likely to become “Instagram famous.”

5. Most likely to never, ever use their education again. 

4. Most likely to be a bona fide YouTube star.

3. Best skinny jeans.

2. Most likely to be elected to public office — and then have to resign amid scandal. 

1. Most likely to use parents’ influence to get out of trouble.