It was the slap heard around the world. Just when you were perfectly fine skipping the Oscars (after all, Bradley Cooper was snubbed for Best Supporting Actor for his role in “Licorice Pizza”), Will Smith went and did the most Hollywood thing possible — he made it all about, well, Will Smith. Yes, the “bad boy for life’s” infamous slapping of Oscar host Chris Rock now upstages the buffoonery from 2017’s Oscar mixup, but the aftermath and reactions to the incident have left many of us scratching our heads. And here are our…

Top 10 Revelations from Will Smith’s Oscars Slap

10. People care a lot more about a movie star storming a stage than hundreds of people storming our capitol.

9. We can all agree a much more entertaining Oscars would have featured Will Smith trying to slap “The Rock” instead of Chris Rock.

8. You would never see Denzel or Clooney walk on stage and assault a dude over a joke. Never.

7. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas is now the biggest Will Smith fan in the world. #distraction

6. The people of Ukraine are watching and saying, “Really, this is important?”

5. Chris Rock’s stock went way up. Will Smith will likely be joining his TV cousin, Carlton, in hosting game shows.

4. For a guy who starred in the movie “Ali,” it was a disappointing slap.

3. Clearly, Hollywood has one set of standards that applies to everyone but them.

2. So your wife can sleep with a 22-year-old August Alsina, but you’re going to slap Chris Rock over a joke?

1.  “I got in one little fight, and my mom got scared…” But I was still allowed to return to my seat and give an acceptance speech in which I played the victim role to justify my violence — ruining a special evening for writers, lighting and sound artists, musicians and many others who rarely get an opportunity to be recognized.

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