The Original Marathon Seafood Festival returns to the community park this weekend for the 46th iteration of the popular community event. Founded by a group of commercial fishermen back in 1976, the fest is a celebration of Marathon’s commercial fishing industry and local spirit. 

Top Ten Ways to Embarrass Yourself at the Seafood Festival 

10. Pronounce “conch” like “launch.”

9. Haggle with the vendors as if you’re on “The Price is Right.” 

8. When hammered drunk and dancing in front of the stage in your bikini top and cut-off jean shorts, get the crowd going with an appropriately timed wardrobe malfunction. 

7. Stroll through the dining tent and make sure everyone knows how good the lobster is in your hometown of Rockland, Maine. 

6. Complain openly about the weather, size of the beer mugs, condiments, parking, music or price of anything. 

5. Pass on the fresh mahi because you just wolfed down two Filet-O-Fish sandwiches. 

4. Point to your Sloppy Joe’s T-shirt while demanding a locals discount. 

3. Ask any of the 300 volunteers, “How much farther to the Keys?”

2. Take a photo of a local craft or piece or art while remarking, “I could make that for a fraction of the price.”

1. Request tartar sauce when ordering stone crabs. 

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